Afterlife: Soulbound

Post set to appear in an undetermined time period. Will bring an update at some point in the future. Mr. B.Nothing much to say about this guy except something is weird about him…

Afterlife – The Relative Sin

Aberon, The Relative Sin

The following story is fictional. This is the final part for now. I will still be working on the website and improving it, and maybe I will return at some point. For now, the next step is to translate my writings into whatever language I will see fit. Thank you all for this year where …

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Afterlife – The Dark Star

Afterlife - The Dark Star

The following content is fictional. Images are used as a means of expression and are created with an AI image generator (for example DALL-E). They are not quite what I had in mind but I’ll work with what I can at the moment. The story and words are not created with AI. Continuation from Afterlife …

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Afterlife – Andes, The Black Realm of the Faceless

A human black form with bharal horns and a robe

The following story is fictional, as almost all stories will further be except for the first one, Afterlife: The Two Energies. Continuation from Afterlife: “Darkness” Encroaching. You are carried away by what seems to be the flow of time itself. You see you are surrounded by the same particles you have seen until now, but …

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Afterlife – “Darkness” Encroaching

Two human forms made out of white light and black light

Warning – Mature Content The following story is fictional, as almost all future posts will be under my anonymous identity for now. They will be built on the foundation of my experiences from the first real story: Afterlife – The Two Energies, using a bit of imagination and a pinch of deduction. The stories mentioned …

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Afterlife – The Two Energies

Two fingers touching and creating light

Warning: The content you are about to read might be disturbing as it is 100% real and it happened. The table of contents is created for anyone who does not want or have time to read it fully, yet I recommend for a clearer understanding read it from start to end. The Start of the …

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